Communicating science is crucial for me. Through science I can appreciate God’s creation around me, from the tiniest creature, bacterium or virus to the largest species on the planet. I also happen to be a scuba diver so I can literally explore areas that many have never even seen or experienced. I am in a position to appreciate better because I have been able to witness more. The scientific perspective has allowed me to admire the simplicity and complexity of my surroundings.  It is in this same manner that I can understand and appreciate the laws which govern creation, allowing me to find my own bearings within it. Science broadened my horizons.

It is through science that I can understand how important it is to take care of each other and of our environment. By caring for each other and for our surroundings, we can oversee and administer the creation that God has entrusted to us. Naturally, when you are entrusted with something it is expected that you run it carefully, properly… Otherwise there would have been no point in entrusting it to you in the first place!

This is why science searches for answers about everything around us. Through this we try to find solutions for various problems, some of which are often created by ourselves. Science thus helps me become aware and celebrate the small steps through which humanity has progressed throughout the times, developing language, medicine, technology and all the awareness which has led us to our current situation and is leading us into the future.

Science led me to question further. 

Science affords space for asking questions, as many as necessary, in order to find answers for that which we still do not know and to challenge what we know. Science also led me to ask questions about God… But, although science could not really provide these answers, I kept on searching until God met me through science communication.

With this very same energy that propelled me into science communication to share the joy of discovery and scientific knowledge through broadcasting, science shows and through the Esplora Science Centre, I have now arrived to the point where I can share my happiness in the discovery of God and His call to priesthood.

Christopher Bugeja – [email protected]