My passion for art was always a leading element in my life. All my choices revolved on this love for art. I was never led by the financial aspect but always from one deep wish within me – that of being an artist!

Soon after I finished my studies at the Art and Design Centre I was looking for a job related to my studies. I remember my early days at work, having lots of work to keep up with, but still managing to work on something creative from time to time. But this was not enough. I was also involved in a youth group within a local band club where we were committed to work on the local village decorations. Meanwhile I was also commissioned by other villages to do some art works and I realized that I could very well take this opportunity to start my own company. Yet, although I was pretty much doing the work I loved, I still had a lot of repetitive work and this made me keep on trying to find ways to be more creative. I always yearned for something more. I always longed for something where I could be free to create art works out of my own imagination, rather than working on something dictated to me; I sought something which did not bind me by dates or deadlines. There was always that yearning for something else. But what was this yearning for? What was this artistic work that I could create from beginning to end?

When I started feeling this attraction towards priesthood I was scared that I would have to put art away. The Seminary showed me that art was a talent that God had bestowed on me. I felt as if I had been born again as an artist. Art became part and parcel of my own spiritual life, opening up a new window looking out onto the Infinite. It was no longer about me and about what I am able to do, but it became a way of life! It completely altered my own perspectives of God, of myself as well as that of the world around me. It became a form of communication with the Beauty that captured my soul.

Today I can safely say that I have been called to priesthood because ultimately, I am an artist, and I am an artist because I have been called to priesthood.

Looking back, I now realise that God was literally equipping me with these talents to be able to follow the pathways that He had already laid out in front of me. You are an artist – you do not become an artist. It was Him who placed this great passion within me. He wanted me to pass on this great love to others through art. This is no longer about me, but completely about Him who has captured my heart: The Beautiful One!

David Borg – [email protected]