I do not really believe that my studies of the sciences have had any particular impact on my vocation. However, studying sciences and other subjects, together with the numerous other experiences that life laid down in front of me, have helped me to become more sensible towards the reality around me. And when you become aware of this reality, a new window is opened onto the presence of the Mystery in our life. You then begin to understand the paradoxes that make up our lives and that our life does not make sense if God is not fully present in it.

I believe that the gift of priesthood could be understood in a very particular context: in Church.

Jesus called upon the twelve apostles to remain closely committed to him and to eventually send them out to spread His word. That is why, I, Jake, am first and foremost a Christian before I am a priest. I have been summoned to remain with Him; I have been summoned so that like Jesus Christ and through Jesus Christ, I strengthen my relationship with God.

This call for priesthood however would not make sense without a second equally important part: that of being a servant to God’s people especially the young. Since Jesus is God’s first envoy, we realise that we have such a genuine relationship with Him because we share his mission of servanthood towards the others.  My contact with people and the fact that I became a priest without my own merits, remains a stark reminder to continue being humble. I know that I have done nothing special to become a priest; I know that I am not the most perfect or the holiest, indeed there are much better people out there. This acts as a constant indication that the priest is ultimately the one who saves the world through his own love and flesh and blood.

Jake Mamo SDB – [email protected]