During the first week of July, as students start off their Summer holidays they are invited to join us for an eventful adventurous camping live-in in our Seminary grounds.

Apart from daily Bible reflections this camping is filled with adventurous activities at the Seminary, at other campsites and at the beach among others. Throughout the week all those attending will prepare for the concluding celebration on Saturday evening starting with mass celebrated by his excellency the Archbishop of Malta. This will then be followed by a programme for all the parents and families of our participants.

16 to 18        From Tuesday 30th June at 09:00 till Saturday 4th July at 22:00

Years 10/11 – Forms 4/5             From Wednesday 1st at 09:00 till Saturday 4th July at 22:00

Years 7-9 – Forms 1-3                   From Thursday 2nd at 09:00 till Saturday 4th July at 22:00

All Parents: Invited to join us for the celebration of mass on Saturday 4th July at 18:00

Payment – donation                                            

16 to 18        50 euro

Years 10/11 – Forms 4/5             45 euro

Years 7-9 – Forms 1-3                  40 euro

TENT              You can bring your own tent, stay with your friends in their tent or use our tents.

APPLY            Fill the online application here. We will send you the consent form to be signed by your parents/guardians.