Monthly meetings are held on Saturday morning between 10:00 and 14:00. Meeting includes activities, free time for playing, moments of prayer including mass and lunch.

Form 1 / Year 7 – Story of my Life

As they start a new period in their lives, characterized by their attendance in a new school, students in Form 1/Year 7 are encouraged to look back into the story of their lives. They are encouraged to discover who they are, what their talents are and to see how Jesus walked with them throughout. Through different activities and discussions held monthly, students will be helped to see in what ways and how Jesus calls us for new challenges in our lives.

Form 2 / Year 8 – Hello

“Hello” is the first word we use when we start communicating with each other. It is the same word, Jesus uses when in different ways he tries to communicate with us. Year 8/Form 2 students who would have received the gift of the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation in the same year are encouraged to find moments to listen to Jesus’ “hello” in their lives. Moreover, meeting new friends who are on the same journey as they are shows them that we as Christians are together answering the Lord’s call in our lives.    

Form 3 / Year 9 – Get Directions

When we go to new places, very often we search for directions to lead us easily to our destination. As Year 9/Form 3 students are growing older they have to start make more important choices for their lives. Jesus gives us directions to living a life to the full as we continue to grow in our relationship with him while being of service to others. Through our monthly meetings with the seminarians who share how they found their own  directions, our destination will become clearer.

2021: October 23, November 27, December 22

2022: January 15, February 19, March 19, April 30, May 21