As a child, I used to attend activities and live-ins organised by the vocation centre. These used to help me make new friends and encounter new experiences. As I grew older, I waited eagerly for the next live-in organised by the vocation centre. I always thought of becoming a priest. I started praying to God to show me what are his plans for me. I prayed to God that I’ll do whatever he wanted.

However, when I finished 6th Form, I was confused. Many of my friends entered university to study and eventually start their own career. I felt that like my friends I also had to study law and become a lawyer. Yet, while I was studying law, I felt moments of discouragement and felt that in a way I was in the wrong place. I prayed to God to help me seek what is it that he wants me to do for him. I sought spiritual guidance at the Vocations Centre and eventually I started the propaedeutic year at the seminary. I felt an unexplainable inner peace and joy. Today I love being a seminarian and to prepare my self to be a priest to carry God’s love to His people.

Authored by: Karl Andrew Schembri (3rd-year seminarian)